TMBR is targeting the development of 70 miles of trails in the tri-state area to achieve our 2025 objective of being recognized as an IMBA Ride Center.  Only the highest quality trails will propel this area into the company of other midwest ride centers like Duluth (MN), Copper Harbor (MI), and Brown County (IN).

Therefore our projects will focus on professionally designed trails that deliver the highest level of rider satisfaction.  Designed specifically for mountain bike traffic, these trails hold up better against erosion and wear over time.  As a compliment to the quality of the layout and surface, we’ll be sure to consider trailhead amenities like restrooms and water to enhance the overall rider experience.

TMBR advocates for multi-use trails that can be equally enjoyed by recreational users that prefer to run, snow-shoe, hike, fat bike, or use the trails for other human powered activities.

To support these projects, TMBR is working with land managers to identify funding through sponsors, grants, and fundraising activities.


Cloie Creek Park – City of Asbury

Tri-State Mountain Bike Riders (TMBR) are working with the City of Asbury to build the area’s first mountain bike trail in Cloie Creek park. The 2 1/2 mile trail has been professionally designed and is being built right now. Trail Source Company from Minnesota has designed sweet flowing trials incorporating rollers and berms that will be fun for all ages and skill levels.

Cloie Creek Trail Map 

Our community has donated over $50,000 to have the areas first mountain bike trail built. The amount of support has been overwhelming. There has been 3 volunteer days to clear for the trail with 15 to 20 workers each time. There has been 50 truck loads of dirt donated. Trail Source is going to continue to work as long as the weather permits. They are currently working now and it won’t be long now until Cloie Creek mountain bike trail is open to the public!