TMBR is targeting the development of 70 miles of trails in the tri-state area to achieve our 2025 objective of being recognized as an IMBA Ride Center.  Only the highest quality trails will propel this area into the company of other midwest ride centers like Duluth (MN), Copper Harbor (MI), and Brown County (IN).

Therefore our projects will focus on professionally designed trails that deliver the highest level of rider satisfaction.  Designed specifically for mountain bike traffic, these trails hold up better against erosion and wear over time.  As a compliment to the quality of the layout and surface, we’ll be sure to consider trailhead amenities like restrooms and water to enhance the overall rider experience.

TMBR advocates for multi-use trails that can be equally enjoyed by recreational users that prefer to run, snow-shoe, hike, fat bike, or use the trails for other human powered activities.

o To support these projects, TMBR is working with land managers to identify funding through sponsors, grants, and fundraising activities. To-date, TMBR has raised $225,000 to support public recreational trails in the tri-state area.

Cloie Creek

In TMBR’s first year of organization (2016), board members Randy Vannorsdel and Tavis Virtue won support from the City of Asbury to develop 20 acres of city green space into a trail system. The $45,000 project started with $10k from the City. TMBR raised funds through two critical grants from Parks to People and the DRA. The remaining funds were raised through an effort by TMBR board members to reach out to businesses and individuals in the Dubuque community. The Cloie Creek grand opening drew over 200 people to the park when the trails formally opened in June of 2017.

Today, the Cloie Creek system is a feature packed 2.5 miles of trails with easy access to various Asbury neighborhoods. Consequently it’s a popular destination for local youth, new mountain bike riders, runners, and nature lovers.

TMBR organized over 160 hours of volunteer time in 2017 to support the maintenance of Cloie Creek. The trail served as a venue for the 2017 Kids Mountain Bike Race and Take-a-Kid-Mountain-Biking day.

KCRG Cloie Creek

KWWL Cloie Creek


Interstate Power Preserve

In February of 2017, the Dubuque County Conservation Board approved a partnership with TMBR to develop a trail system within their network of parks. The 78 acre Interstate Power Preserve was selected as the location for the new trail system because the property had seen little use by county residents in recent years. Mature forest and grand elevations made this property a great landscape for a multi-purpose recreational trail.

In just 6 months, TMBR identified sources for the $172,000 required to install a 6 mile trail system. Landowski Trailworx, LLC was selected to construct a stacked loop trail system that would take advantage of the natural terrain offered within the park.

This project breaks ground in the spring of 2018.