TMBR’s purpose is to be the catalyst that transforms the Tri-State area into a destination for Midwest mountain bike tourism and recreation.

TMBR Trailhead-SunsetTMBR is a non-profit organization that operates in a tri-state area surrounding Dubuque, Iowa. It was formed in the fall of 2015 to achieve the following:

  • Enact change that will transform the tri-state area into a Midwest mountain biking destination
  • Provide funding for facilities and initiatives that support mountain biking
  • Channel the individual efforts of mountain bike advocates in the area
  • Serve as a political entity to promote the interest of area mountain biker


TMBR’s small group of founding officers quickly aligned around a single goal that would drive the actions and priorities of the organization: Achieve IMBA ride center status for the greater Dubuque-Area by 2025. To this end, TMBR has been acting as a resource extension for public land managers. TMBR plays an active role in the community in the following ways:

  • Fundraising for multi-purpose woodland trail projects
  • Providing project managers to support implementation
  • Lead volunteer events to maintain and improve trails
  • Liaison to the cycling community

trailCREW-SpotlightWhen the tri-state area is recognized as a Midwest mountain bike destination, the whole community will benefit. Hotels, restaurants, and retail outlets will profit from increased tourism. Local runners, hikers, and nature lovers will enjoy the trails that are a result of our efforts. Local employers and property owners will benefit from a Dubuque community that offers first-class outdoor recreation facilities throughout the region.

Elected Officers

President – Sam Wilson

Vice President – Vacancy

Treasurer – Jeff Stahl 

Equipment & Maintenance Chair – Vacancy

Supporter & Membership Chair – Vacancy

Appointed Officers

IPP Trail Steward – Mike Gacioch

Proving Grounds Trail Steward – Kurt Chipperfield

Cloie Creek Trail Steward – Adam Jacobson

Asset Manager – Vacancy

Fundraising Chair – Jenna Gacioch

Communication Chair – Eric Wold

Triple D Race Director – Mark Sender


Group meetings occur on the second and fourth Tuesday’s of each month. We typically meet at the Proving Grounds pavilion or other local businesses that can accommodate. IMBA/TMBR members are welcome to attend all meetings. Non-members can join and address the group at the start of the meeting. Non-members may be asked to leave as the meeting progresses to established agenda items.