All money supports 100% trail stewardship, construction and maintenance.


Be part of the solution.

Since 2015, TMBR has been making the Dubuque area a better place for mountain bike riders and others that value recreational woodland trails.  It takes a broad base of support to open doors in the community and continue to build more trail. Our members organize volunteer events, write grants, communicate with civic leaders, and other less noticeable things like maintaining social media and website communication.

If you don’t have the time to pitch in, that’s okay. The TMBR member/supporter program is an easy way to be part of this community effort.

Help Wanted / TMBR Can always use more support

Your membership participation does the following:

1. Allows us to count you among our supporters when dealing with elected officials and applying for grants

2. Helps fund improvements and amenities like trail maintenance, tool stands, and portable restrooms.  100% of these funds support our trails and administration costs of running the TMBR organization.

3. Identifies you as someone that cares about mountain biking in the Dubuque area.  Our members become the first line of input relative to TMBR activities and suggested improvements.

JOIN TODAY! Become a TMBR member. Support local trail stewards

Signing up is easy. It only takes a few minutes to start helping out your community.

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